Quality Module | Quality control & audits


More than a simple check list

The Quality Control Module is based on the Nordic INSTA 800 Standard for evaluation of finished cleaning work. Following inspection and keying of results, The Cleaning System will calculate whether the rooms meet the quality requirements expected, and you may print a report showing the overall result for the entire inspection, as well as for each room inspected. With the Quality Control Module, you will obtain an efficient and fast control of finished cleaning task.

Key Features

  • Nordic INSTA 800 Quality Evaluation Standard

  • Room Sampling based international standard ISO 2859-1:1999

  • Cleaning Inspections & Hygienic Inspections (requires Hygienic Module)

  • Automatic calculation of quality levels 1-5

  • User defined additional requirements

  • Each room inspected is date & time stamped

  • 12 different inspections scopes

  • Automatically generate inspection assignments

  • Manually overide and create your own.

  • Rooms and drawing sent to mobile app

  • Free mobile inspecton app

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