Commercial cleaning software​​​​​

that will save you both

time and money

The cleaning system software that will save you both time and money.

The Cleaning System
focuses on what really matters ...

your labor costs, balanced work loading, flexible work schedules, concise work assignments and quality control. Whether you have thousands or millions of square feet the visual interactive user interface makes it easy to manage every 

aspect of your cleaning operation.

Is used worldwide by hospitals, universities,
corporations, and cleaning contractors

Fully integrated
modular design

You pay only for what you need. All of the modules work seamlessly together

Completely customizable

Like a tailored garment, the software is customizable to your exact specifications

All of your cleaning operation's metrics in one place

You have quantifiable measures to track your cleaning processes to judge the performance level of your operation.

Know FTE and cleaning Production Rate in real-time

As data is inputed, changed, or deleted the software dynamically adjust the FTE needed and reports the Production Rate on every space, at every level.


You maintain complete control of your data and security

You host the software on your own premises. Whether you use our desktop version or SQL version all your data is under your control and security protocols and behind your own firewall.

World Class  
Quality Control 

The quality control module includes a Free Mobile Inspection App. It has unlimited users and no license fees. Inspections are sent to a secure SFTP server by wifi or 4G, 5G. You can host your own server or use our server for a small connection fee.
This is much more than just a simple check list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements?

Is there an annual maintenance fee?

It is included in the subscription plans. With a one-time purchase of a perpetual license, it is included for the first three months. After that it is optional. However, it is strongly recommended. It includes top tier technical support (regarding all software technical issues). It includes all upgrades and updates. Without an annual maintenance agreement no other services are available.

Can this software do invoicing and dispatch

No. "The Cleaning System” is not just another CRM, Route Scheduler or a Consumables Tracker. "The Cleaning System" gets into the nuts and bolts of a cleaning operations and provides true ROI. Its primary focus is on Labor, FTE, Production Rates, Quality Control and Data Analysis. It takes "opinions" out of the cleaning budget.

Our software is best suited for companies that already have a business management platform, but need a dedicated cleaning, labor and quality assurance solution.

Does this software require training?

Yes. The Cleaning System software is very comprehensive. It covers all aspects of a cleaning operation related to time, labor, scheduling and quality control. It is designed to solve and monitor complex cleaning scenarios. The various modules are interdependent and best practice is necessary to get the full potential out of the software. 

Of course you can read the manual and gradually discover the many features of the software on your own. But to get the best return on your investment we recommend personalized training and consultation. Training is not included in the price of the software (a quote is provides upon request).

How are data and drawings imported?

Database(s): The data is imported using Excel Spreadsheets. For small databases you can do this yourself. For large and very large databases we recommend that you let us do it for you. The price for importing data is not included in the price of the software (will provide quote). 

Drawings: Drawings are imported using available CAD Drawings that have a closed Polygon Layer (most do). They are converted into the software's proprietary format, then linked to the spaces in the database. For small databases you can do this yourself. For large and very large database we highly recommend that you let us do this for you. This service is not included in the price of the software (will provide quote).

For small single locations you can actually create your own drawings using the software's drawing tools. The drawing tools are also used to edit the drawings as needed.

Can I try before I commit to buy?

Absolutely. All we ask is that you attend a free private personalized online demonstration of the software. If after the demo you feel the software is a good fit for your operation we will send you a trial copy to use for 90 days. There is no obligation to buy.

The software is fully functional except for printing. It comes preloaded with a sample database and interactive drawings. After 90 days the software will require a license code to unlock the software and update to the latest version.

Get a Personal Demonstration
Try a FREE 90 day trial version.