Calculations Module | Know your labor cost


Know your FTE and production rate for every space at every level

The Calculation Module comes pre-load with a comprehensive set of reliable industry-standard time benchmarks but also includes our own proprietary time benchmarks from our own research and over 25 years of industry experience. All benchmarks are based on the ISSA standards and are already built in and ready to use. Or if you prefer you can use the APPA standard or create your own benchmarks. The benchmarks are used to dynamically calculate times and production rates for each room, floor, building, customer, department, location, site, and work assignment.

Taking information from the Dynamic Room models, space inventory, tasks, frequencies, floor types, quality profiles, service profiles as well as any item counts and the software will calculate the time needed to clean the "cleanable" space and how many sq ft can be cleaned in that time. It defines the number of FTEs needed for space, floor, building, and site.

Key Features

  • Task Times for Space, Based Time Benchmarks

  • Service and Frequency Profiles

  • Floor Cleaning Times

  • FTE at Space, Floor, Building, Site Levels

  • Production Rate at All Levels

  • Average Daily Time for Weekdays, Sat & Sun

Imagine instantly knowing in real-time the FTE and actual Production Rate
for any area, space, floor, building or site

Each space is divided in to 5 sections: floors, inventory, wall, ceilings, glass walls/windows. Tasks, time units and frequencies are applied to each object in the section and can be defined for up to 8 shifts or rounds.

Additionally, each space has optional supplementary time for non-cleaning tasks that are associated with the space such as restocking, maintenance and repairs.

A space can be indoor or outdoor. Each space allows for any outdoor task to be listed. This allows the software to also manage all groundskeeping, outdoor maintenance and cleaning.