Measuring Module | Have a top-down view


Interactive drawings give a unique top-down view of what your cleaning specialists are doing

The Measuring Module provides the ability to do visual management and planning using twenty-one color-coded data overlays. Because the drawings are dynamically and seamlessly linked to the space inventory database a change in one is reflected in the other.

You can use the onboard drawing tools to create new spaces or edit existing ones. For larger facilities you can import cad drawings ​and the software will automatically measure the square footage of in the facility.

The visual user interface uses interactive floorplan drawings that make it very easy to track all data points by means of dynamic color-coded overlays that are all linked to an underlying comprehensive database.

Key Features

  • Database & Drawings Seamlessly Reflect Each Other

  • 21 Color Coded Data Overlays, Plus create your own

  • Automatically Measures the Square Feet of Each Space

  • Built-In Drawing Tools to Create and Edit Drawings

  • Can Create Visual Work Assignments

  • Can Customize Data Presentation on Drawings

Over 21 datapoint overlays

  • Active/Inactive

  • Assistant

  • Base Models

  • Departments

  • Floor Types

  • Frequency Profiles

  • Hygienic Level

  • Hygienic Room Type

  • Inspectors

  • Inventory Density Level

  • Lock/Unlocked

  • NIR Hygiene Profile

  • Program Codes

  • Quality Profiles

  • Room Groups

  • Service Profiles

  • Supervisor

  • Team

  • Week Planning

  • Work Plans

  • Work State

  • Create your own overlays

Color coded weekly cleaning schedules