Hygienic Module | Infection control

Objectively manage your infection risk levels

Cleaning Is Not Good Enough. You Must Also Have Infection Risk Control. The Hygienic Module is an add-on to the Quality Control Module. It is based on the Danish Standard of DS2451-10 for control of infection hygiene in the health sector or any operation that needs infection risks protocols.

The standard specifies requirements for the cleaning of areas where it is likely that an agent of infection can exist and cause direct or indirect infection. Areas as ceiling, floor, walls, and furniture, which are not covered by the critical points, are not included in this standard.

The Hygienic Module will tell you which risk points you need to check, tell you whether all risk points meet the risk hazard degrees recommended. It also works with our free Mobile Inspection software so you can monitor your risk hazard while doing Quality Control Inspections.

For hospitals this now allows you to make your cleaning and
sanitizing protocols a part to your existing "Care Bundles."

Key Features

  • 5 Hygiene Levels

  • 60 predefined area types

  • 3 soiling types

    • Human biological material

    • Dust

    • Waste and stains

  • 3 Risk grades

  • 10 Risk points

  • User defined risk points

  • Works in tandem with cleaning inspections