About Us

Managewize Solutions

Managewize Solutions is an Authorized USA Distributor, Trainer, and Consultant for "The Cleaning System" software. For the past 12 years we been providing independent consultancy which includes setup, implementation, on-boarding, training, customized configuration of the software, specialized reports and in-depth data analysis of time and labor of custodial, building services and commercial cleaning operations. We have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the software.

For clients that have purchased "The Cleaning System" through us and who have a Support Retainer Agreement with us and an active Maintenance Agreement for the software, we provide on-going Tier 1 and Tier 2 Client Support. We also provide Tier 1 Technical Support. Any issues that cannot be resolved by us are referred to Data-Know-How who provides Tier 2 Technical Support. We work closely with Data-Know-How Technical Support to resolve any software issues for the client.

Managewize Solutions is a DBA of Westworld LLC, a New Hampshire Corporation. We are a virtual company, meaning that all our services are provided remotely and online via Zoom, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and Hubspot. However, if a client for some reason needs to have on-site support it can be provided, at the client’s expense.


Managewize Solutions is not just a software consultancy. We have deep roots in commercial cleaning. We started out as a small mom and pop cleaning service. Then in 1979 we formed a cleaning company named ProKeepers (we still own the domain name Prokeepers.com). We specialized in cleaning professional offices, such as for Associations, Law Firms, and Insurance Companies. Our business grew by-word-of-mouth.

We eventually sold our cleaning company and formed Managewize Solutions to use our hard-earned knowledge to help other cleaning companies and in-house custodial cleaning operations for institutions and organizations. For the last 10 years Duke University has been our primary account.

In 2008 we discovered "The Cleaning System" by Data-Know-How. Without exaggeration there is no other cleaning management software like it anywhere.


Aps Data-know-how was founded in 1987 by Steen and Carsten Jallov. In a short period of time the company’s main product, The Cleaning System, became an acknowledged and widely used tool for solving many different calculation and planning assignments in the cleaning industry.

After the death of Steen Jallov in 1991 Carsten Jallov carried on the company together with several skilled programmers and consultants.

Today, the company is the biggest provider of software for calculation, measurement, planning and controlling in the cleaning and service industry in Scandinavia and is used throughout the world.

Aps Data-know-how Headquarters are:
International House
Center Boulevard 5
DK-2300 København S
Copenhagen, Denmark

Global Partners in:

USA / Canada

Great Britain

Sweden / Norway


Belgium / The Netherlands

Business Concept

Aps Data-know-how is built on the idea that the quickest and safest way to carry out calculation tasks, measurements and distribution in the cleaning industry is to use personal computers and other digital devices.

By using comprehensive data sets, almost 30 years of experience in the field and feedback from hundreds of users, Aps Data-know-how has developed the most important tool for modern planners in the private and public cleaning industry.