managewize | Commercial cleaning software that does the hard work

"The Cleaning System" is world's most advanced
commercial cleaning software. It automatically measures
every square foot using imported cad drawings. The drawings
are dynamically​​​ linked to the underlying database and
provides visual work
loading technology.

Accurately know your cleaning times and labor cost

Over 80% of the cost of any commercial cleaning operations is related to labor. Productivity is directly related to the total number of square feet being cleaned and time. When you have thousands or even millions of square feet it becomes almost impossible to determine the number of full-time equivalents (FTE) needed and achieve a high production rate without sacrificing quality and at the same time balance the workload efficiently.

The Cleaning System software "dynamically" reports your FTE, Production Rate, Active and Inactive square feet, Area Types, Floor types, Frequency Profiles, Service Profiles, Quality Profiles
and much more.


floor plan drawings

The dynamic visual floorplans are integrated with the underlying database. They seamlessly reflect each other. Each space on the floor plans has over 22 color code overlays to show various data points about each space including: location, cleanable square feet, inventory, floor-type, area-type, task sets, work-plan, shift, frequency profile, floor cleaning methods, machines used on floors, task time benchmarks, machine time benchmarks, quality standard, special requirements and more.


Unique cleaning standard codes

Using an ingenious yet simple 3-digit code system, each Area Type is assigned a 3-digit Cleaning Standard Code. The code is not just a static number. Each digit in the code is used by the Cleaning System in all its calculations, such as the cleaning times, floor methods, frequency profiles, cleaning schedules, and work assignments. Individual spaces that do not conform to any Area Type can have their own unique 3-digit code as needed. ​


Create visual job cards

Researchers have found that not only do people prefer instructions that are presented visually, but they also learn faster, perform better, and retain the information longer. It also overcomes language barriers to providing instructions.

The Cleaning System uses color coded data overlays of floor maps to visual describe floor types, area types, zones and much more.

A color-coded pictogram visually describes the cleaning schedule for each active space. As the database changes, the changes are reflected on the drawing.

The software includes hundreds of "information icons." They can be used in various ways to convey vital information about a space such as fire extinguishers, medical kits, hazard areas,
secure areas etc.

All information is displayed on a visual
job card which can be printed or sent out as a PDF file. Job cards can be combined with detailed descriptive work assignments if desired.


Finally, objective quality control and infection risk management

Quality Control is achieved and maintained by the Quality Control Module and the Hygienic Module and a Mobile Inspection App. The Mobile Inspection App is totally free and has no license or user fees. The Quality and Hygienic Modules work together and send the inspections to the mobile app by way of a Secure File Transfer Server (SFTP). Once the inspections are completed the mobile app syncs up with Quality and Hygienic Modules in the main software by Wi-Fi or 4G or 5G on your mobile device. The mobile app runs on both Android and iOS tablets and phones. You have the option of providing your own SFTP on your premises or you can use our SFTP server for a small connect fee.

Download the app and give it a try.
n the Apple or Android App Store, go to IDEX Data Know How.
It is totally free!. Sample demo data is included.