Cost Module | Validate your budget

Dynamically know your time and labor budget

Since labor is the single largest expense for any cleaning operation it is vitual to accurately know what your actual costs are. Once you configure the module under Customer Options.
It will immediately tell you your labor costs.

The Costing Module is used for calculations of costs based on actual wages and other costs for each location. The price calculation will be based on your calculated cleaning times for each cleaning assignment.

Whenever you change a room, a cleaning frequency, or other registrations affecting the total cleaning time, you may view the new price calculation immediately offering an overall view of your revenues and your expenses for each cleaning assignment

Key Features

  • Flexible and granular cost settings

  • Has simple spreadsheet like interface

  • Calculates labor base on wages and data sets

  • Can do cost analysis for personnel, equipment, materials, and supplies

  • Present verifiable cost reports to management

  • Contractors can generate "spot-on" bids

  • Customers make sure a bid is "spot-on"

  • Data can be exported to Excel for deep analysis

Imagine being able to justify your budget based on verifiable data instead of guesswork or opinions

Flexible Labor Cost Settings

Any labor that is performed throughout the system is automatically and dynamically calculated. You can set up to six Cost Groups for each cleaning period. You can assign a specific Cost Group to a specific pre-defined Work Type. You can define up to three Custom Work Groups.

Dynamically create budgets by modeling
what-if scenarios or directly adjusting
the total budget hours