Core Module | Track your space inventory


All your key metrics in one place

The Core Module contains all Space Inventory, Parameters, Task Sets, Service and Frequency Profiles, Time Benchmarks, Area-Types, Floor-Types, Machine-Types and Methods, Plan-Types and Work-Types, Personnel Directory, Space Addresses and Space Contacts, System, Customers, Users and Admin Settings, Create and Manage User Passwords and Permissions.

The other Modules interact with each other through the Core Module and it provides the readouts of all the other modules as well as import/export and printing.

It allows you to view and print work plans created in the Planning Module. It also allows you to view and print drawings created in the Measuring Module.

Key Features

  • Key Properties of Space, Floor, Building, Site

  • Detailed Properties of Each Space

  • Track Parameters (fixtures, furniture, equip.)

  • Settings for System, Customer and User

  • Admin and User Management

  • Passwords, Levels of Permission

  • Database Customization

  • Database Maintenance Tools

  • MSDs/Document Management Per Space

Imagine instantly knowing the location, square feet, area types, floor types,
fixtures, furnishings count, tasks, and frequencies, for every space.

The Database Structure

The cleaning system has a multi-level nested database. This approach allows you to have a macro and micro view of your cleaning operation. You can zoom out to see the whole picture or you zoom into a single space. For example, you can instantly see the FTEs and Production Ratio of the entire complex or zoom in to see them for a single building, floor, or space.

database is presented in a collapsible and searchable data-tree and is dynamically linked to interactive drawings

Create an accurate
model of your entire cleaning

Key info about every space at every level